Rates & Conditions - Tuition With Edge Music

Instrumental/Music Theory/Composition/Improvisation etc:

£40/hr plus call-out fee (which is £5 or more depending on time/distance for travel).

All lessons of this type are between 30 mins and 1 hour, depending on requirements (sometimes a shorter lesson is best for younger children), booked and paid for in advance, and taken regularly - weekly or, by special arrangement, fortnightly:

30 mins: £35
45 mins: £40

(plus call-out fee if the lesson is a home visit)

For guitar lessons taken at my home studio, an acoustic guitar, and an electric guitar are available for use for the lesson if needed, along with amplification.

Music Production (including "layered/combination" sessions):

£40/hr plus call-out fee (which is £5 or more depending on time/distance for travel)

All sessions of this type are 1 or 2 hours in length. Although weekly 2-hour sessions are recommended as the most effective way to progress, ad hoc sessions may be booked, if weekly 2-hour sessions are not viable.

2 hour sessions are priced at £75 (plus call-out if required)

Longer sessions are by arrangement only, and not available to first time clients.

Block booking discounts for courses of lessons - minimum of 6 lessons in a block. Minimum session length for a call-out is 2 hours.

These rates represent great value compared with institutions like SAE, Point Blank etc, and the sessions have the major advantage of being one-to-one and are not constricted by syllabus/mixed ability large group situations. Also the lessons are bespoke for the individual, and can be more organic in their course.